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The Luminous Skin Dream Team

Over the past few  years I’ve really come to love trying out new skincare bits and finding products and formulas that work for me.  Being a pale skin gal, I often feel that my skin can look a bit dull and flat – like it’s just missing a little bit of glow – yinno? With this in mind I’m  always on the lookout for wonder products to put a spring in my step. Today I thought I would share a little luminous skincare mix which has worked wonders for my skin, leaving it happy and glowy.
First things first – cleanser.
Having combination / oily skin I was initially hesitant to try oil cleaners for the fear of ending up a big slimy mess. However, after reading rave reviews of the Body shop’s chamomile cleansing butter  I decided to give it a bash! I found it to be amazing for breaking down makeup and leaves skin feeling clean, without leaving any excess oil. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to try out a cleansing balm / oil cleanser.
The Brightening Trio
For me, these three products are the Charlie’s Angels of brightening skincare!
As a huge fan of Liz Earl’s iconic cleanser I decided to try out some more of their range and discovered this absolute gem. To use, simply apply the mask to dry skin, wait two minutes and wipe off with a damp muslin cloth and voila! Out of all the brightening masks I’ve tried I found this one to give the most instant noticeable results, even after just one use.
I had heard a lot of great things about the Una Brennan range, and am always up for trying products which are purse friendly and so decided to give the Superfacialist Neroli eye cream a whirl. Even as a teen, I found myself having quite harsh dark circles  and have hunted for the perfect solution to brighten up those bags. This bargain buy has an immediate, gentle tightening effect and feels like it’s really getting to work.  I’ve definitely noticed my under eye area looking a little less tired and a little more alive.
The Origins Ginzing moisturiser is probably my most favourite skincare product, and a firm staple in my skincare mix. It’s lightweight formula leaves the skin feeling quenched and refreshed – and it’s zingy orange scent is to die for! Packed with GinZing, Vitamin C and plenty of other skin loving ingredients the product provides a much needed dose of hydration and luminosity to my skin. Origins, it’s a yes from me!
Last but not Least…
Yep, another Bodyshop wonder product – the Vitamin E Overnight serum-in-oil. I’ve been using this product for a few years now and just can’t get enough of it.  Although the serum does not boast to brighten or illuminate, it does claim to replenish and recharge the skin over night, and boy does it ! To me it’s like the best beauty sleep ever…for your skin. I love the idea of skincare that works through the night, and even better when it shows results like this does. The scent of the serum / oil is also really soothing – perfect for helping you catch those Z’s!
Hope you enjoyed my luminous skin edit !
Lindsey Lou


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