The Capsule Accessory Collection

The easiest way to switch up your existing wardrobe? It has to be accessories! Although fashions and trend pieces change from season to season, I have personally found myself collating a collection of capsule accessories which I seem to return to time and time again. Today I thought I would share a handful of ride or die favourites with ya!

Staple Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery – I like to keep things simple, even when dressing up for going “out-out”. On the daily, you will find me in this silver skull band from my favourite jeweller (ever, ever) – The Great Frog. I have had this piece for a good few years now and love it just as much as the day it popped through my postbox. Although I’m not all that into higher end gold or silver pieces, and usually stick to highstreet finds – this l little beauty is (the prettiest) exception. The Great Frog’s designs are really something else – and with an impressive client list featuring the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys and Alexa Chung – how could I resist!

The only other jewellery piece which I sport on the daily is this retro-inspired watch from Danish brand – Skagen.   Before picking it up a few years ago, I was never a watch gal, I think this was probably down to the lack of chic watches on the high street at the time – and my hatred for those diamonte-ridden Michael Kors bad boys (you know the ones). However, the shape of the watch’s face is unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market, it looks super smart yet still maintains a cool retro vibe. The tone of the hardware is also super unique, somewhere between a gold and rose gold. Although wearing a gold watch with a silver ring may be considered somewhat of a fashion faux pas, this sort of thing doesn’t really bother me. Life is too short, wear what ya want!

Statement Bag

A good statement bag can really add a little somethin’ somethin’ to even the plainest of outfits – from little black dresses to everyday workwear. I find that they can really pull an outfit together in a jiffy and are great for those days where you just don’t have the time to think about your ootd . This Autumn / Winter  I picked up this stunning little gold and tortoiseshell chain bag from Topshop. Well, I say little – but it does weigh approximately two hundred pounds… I could definitely do some serious damage with it. Anyway,  this statement piece has slotted into my a/w seamlessly and surprisingly goes with just about anything – result!

A Black Hat

Wave goodbye to bad hair days and step away from that dry shampoo! When you’re living the fringe life, having a go-to hat handy can be a real lifesaver. This year I have been pretty much living in my black baker boy (don’t be fooled by my Instagram, it hides a multitude of sins) and have found a new appreciation for the accessory. From berets to bobble hats, I tend to play it safe and stick black hats, I mean they go with everything and are pretty much foolproof. What more do ya need?


As a long-term glasses wearer, a good pair of specs are literally an essential for me. As a large part of my job involves looking at various screens, last month, I thought it was about time that I made a (well overdue) appointment to get the old peepers checked. Therefore, when Black and Lizars reached out and offered to book me in – it was a no-brainer.

Although I’ve been for many an eye test over the years, this one was by far the most thorough – and engaging. In addition to my routine test, my (super friendly) optometrist Colin used an ultra-advanced piece of equipment called an Optomap to take some detailed shots of my eyes. Where standard scanners capture 10-15% of your retina, the Optomap reveals more than 80%, enhancing your optometrist’s ability to detect the earliest signs of (sometimes fatal) diseases. There are also only ten of these machines in Scotland, so it was pretty cool to be able to take it for a spin.

After the scans, Colin brought up my images on the display screen and talked me through the results of the scan which was really useful. For me, my routine eye tests have always been a one-sided thing – an in and out kind of appointment. However, it was really cool to be talked through my results and to learn all about the things that optometrists should and shouldn’t be looking for –  to my relief everything was A-okay! I have to add that Colin also kindly sent my scan photos to me via email – I would include them in the post but I’m a little bit worried that some genius hacker out there would somehow be able to steal my identity, you just never know eh! 

*Glasses were kindly gifted by Black and Lizars

Next up it was time to pick out a new pair of frames. After much deliberation (they had so many to choose from) I ended up opting for these beautiful tortoiseshell  Kate Spade babies. When picking out specs I always find myself subconsciously navigating towards similar styles. I’d also say my choice of glasses reflects my personal style very well. The tortoiseshell pattern is super versatile and will pair well with pretty much anything and the frame shape is a little bit out there whilst still maintaining a classic vibe. I love the gold spade detailing on the sides too! I had such a great experience with the lovely people at Black and Lizars, Gordon Street and I cannot wait to wear these over the coming months!

I hope you enjoyed this little capsule accessories post! Do you have a “go-to” collection of your own? I’d love to know what your ride or dies are!






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